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"On the hunt for a missing police detective you find yourself at an abandoned cabin in the woods.

The problem however is once you go inside, you cannot get out. It's hallways twist and turn in the dark to form a sprawling labyrinth. The other thing is...it's not exactly that empty..."

-Explore new depths of horror powered by Khas Awesome Lighting effects.
-Chilling soundscapes featuring iconic tracks by Myuu, White Bat Audio and Kevin Macleod.
-Alternate Endings, different experiences with three difficulty settings. Easy, Hard and Torture Mode.
-Torn Stitches comes bundled with a demo for "Creeping Chasm" which has a similar set up but with a much more bare bones experience similar to an arcade mode.


Torn Stitches 0.1.5..zip 272 MB

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It's a nice game. I like it :)

aww thank you! I have a sequel planned after I roll out as many bugs as I can in the next update.