A downloadable game for Windows

Note: This is a demo for the intended release “Broken Sky” and “Fallen Earth.”

Features such as the Extinction Event difficulty are still in development.
The main campaign is restricted.
There is a Level cap of 50 for the player and their team.
Certain items and side quests have been altered.
Development is still ongoing and any feedback is appreciated.

“Journey at the forefront of one of the first expeditions back into the quarantine zone. Given a mysterious message you are tasked with a mission to discover the origins of the invasion and to bring the battle straight to the monsters which threaten to gain destroy the planet”

The Contaminos: Awakening

*A survival horror RPG which will set you against an enemy with many faces...and secrets.

*An open and post apocalyptic world. Once you finish the main story line the Eligos Sector of the Quarantine Zone is free to explore.

*Build your team to face off against the Contaminos. Choose from Saphira the Psychic, Enderson the Medic, Wilson the Ranger and Rose the Sniper. Additional classes and team members will be available with upcoming updates.

*Imporvise and adapt: Found a pick axe or a baseball bat? Equip it straight away or have it made into a crossbow later on.

*Over 127 different enemies to fight.

*Difficulty settings allow for more thrilling ways to play.
Pandemic for example is a permadeath mode which restricts medical treatment and the save function. Begin each play session in Pandemic with the heavy knowledge your next encounter with The Contaminos could easily become your last.

The Contaminos Awakening is an altered version of the first section in the main story.
Broken Sky and Fallen Earth will feature two Characters to choose from: Rhea and Atlas.
There will be more Contaminos to fight against, access to crafting, full expansions, and update support.

This is a spiritual successor to the original Crown Of Extinction demo.

All creature battler designs (The Contaminos encounters)  are by Thalzon 


The Contaminos Awakening.zip 244 MB

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