A downloadable game for Windows

You are alone in the Cabin beyond the woods.

That is...until Nevermind The Clown begins hunting you.

Navigate this mysterious world warped by nightmare and illusions  and discover what it is that is driving this insidious force to consume you. 

*Nine Levels of horror. Changing the difficulty will change
elements inside them.

Controls: left, down, right and up to move. Enter to interact, shift
to run and A to jump. A game pad is recommend but not essential for 

*You are going to need to pay attention and react quickly 
to avoid dying.

*Storytelling system: Changing the difficulty with the 
cards at the start of the game will completely 
change the story. Normal, Hard and Insanity modes are 
available, with free updates in the future adding more features, 
cards and levels. 

*This is an RPG Maker VX Ace game which uses the ARC Engine plugin 
developed by Khas (like the original Nevermind The Clown game) so
the majority of gameplay is 2D platforming.  

This is disc 1.5 in the Coffin Tree series. consider it both 
a remake, reboot and simultaneously a continuation of the first
Nevermind The Clown game. 
You need not play the first game to understand the story line so far.
I understand the plot of the first game might have been a bit complicated (*Absolutely crazy)
so I cleared up some of the more pressing questions whilst also
adding more puzzles and mysteries.


Nevermind The Clown 2.zip 270 MB

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