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The Nevermind is lost on a tropical island which is consumed by a mysterious curse!

Can Nevermind escape the side scrolling platformer simulation he has become trapped within or is he doomed to endlessly repeat an infernal cycle of death and rebirth? Will he be stuck here forever?

-5 levels of sinister madness

 -3 endings.

-Choose Your Path: Speed through the game to try and escape the island, carefully collect all of the marbles or take even longer by exploring all of the secrets. 

-find 57 of the lost marbles to unlock the third and final ending.


A= Jump 

<, ^,>,v to move 

shift= run

Warning: There is footage of high level impact violence in this game, horror themes, and adult themes. 

This game requires windows and 301 MB of memory. 

Disc One Of The Coffin Tree series


The Nevermind.zip 301 MB

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